Join us June 27th and 28th for Kidlit Pride!!!

12 pre-recorded panels on YouTube

Interactive events on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #KidlitPride and #KidlitPrideReads

A lot of us are stuck at home right now, all over the world.  Queer teens are home with parents who might not be as supportive as they’d like, and far away from their friends and queer communities.  Parents are at home with their kids, not sure how to reach out to them when they’re scared to let them go outside too much.  And teachers are trying to teach over the internet, not sure how to keep their kids attention.

We’re not going to fix all that.  But we’re hoping we can make it a little better.  We want to reach out to all of you – to teens and kids stuck at home, to their parents trying to connect with them to their teachers, trying to find new ways to teach.  In attempt to talk to all of you, we’re doing an International Virtual Queer Kidlit Pride Weekend.

We’re hoping you’ll all want to stay up all day watching panels, but to really pull this off, we need your help!

We’re really looking forward to putting together a great Kidlit Pride event for you!  

If you have questions, please feel free to email us.